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It is a tiled roof and there are no pipes or anything like that in that corner of the bedroom and nowhere near any plumbing.

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There is movement in that corner in that there has been cracking and then severe cracking, all of which has been fixed 3 times but cracks have reappeared, not severe though. What could it possibly be??? The house is 6 years old. I bought it when it was 3 years old and immediately had solar panels put on. So for 2 summers this noise has been going on. I would be so grateful if anyone has ever heard of anything like this. Remember, it is a knocking sound, not creaking, metallic, cracking or clanging.

Do I have to knock a great big hole in the wall? A very thin crack appears from corner of door frame to ceiling about 9 inches long on garage side of wall appears. Once things dry out, it disappears and my door latches fine. I wonder if it could be a serious foundation problem. There are no cracks on the outside of the house walls and none in the foundation.

We had an exceedingly wet spring. Now it is June and things are dry. This is a very good article, you definitely want to pay particular attention to the larger cracks. If you suspect any kind of structural damage, I always advise people to contact a structural engineer before getting quotes from foundation repair contractors. The engineer will let you know what needs to be done and that kind of information will save you a lot of money when dealing with contractors. I have noticed small cracks on my wall numerous on both sides. They are not opened just noticeable when u look closely.

What should I do? Should I be concerned or should I putty it? I had a condensing boiler installed a few years ago which involved knocking a small hole through the back bedroom wall for the pipework to go through. My unit has 5 cracks from floor to ceiling. Does that means a structural problem.. My house was built in and a small one room addition was built in The cracks are mostly on one wall, they are vertical and horizontal.

The widest cracks are in line with a window frame. The corner of the room shown in the picture is cracked from the floor to ceiling. There is one vertical crack on an adjacent wall. Sewer line was replaced just under addition prior to move in.

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Sewer guy claims he only removed dirt outside of the house, so a guy could get down in the hole. Wonder if the lack of packing dirt outside the house is causing this? Recently I have seen vertical cracks in my walls seems to be between the drywall panels. Is this just a easy fix by repatching with tape and mud or spackling? I just had an inspection on my house which was stopped immediately because the inspector found a horizontal crack at the corner of my foundation so the buyers backed out.

How can he say that by just looking at it. I want to know if it is fixable.

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The house was built in It has an extension to one side added about 40 years ago which houses the kitchen. Recently, a crack appeared, at ceiling level, about ten inches from where the extension joins the house. Exterior outside my house near the bedroom window has a long line crack that goes straight down from the corner of the window then makes a line turning left then goes back down. I have the same problem outside in my backroom window. Please advice, My carpet in my bdrm window is wet like if I had spilled something and the baseboard on the top edge looks like its unglued with bits of the paint on top of the baseboard separting from the wall.

We just had hurricane Irma when I noticed this issue. Plse advice. I had an external concrete staircase put in with balustrades. I have noticed that where the railing meets the wall on both sides, at the top of the staircase, there are vertical plaster cracks. How can I fix this? There are many cracks throughout the house which is over years old but was just totally redone after hurricane Sandy. My home lifter and contractor say its nothing but I had a roofing and siding contractor in and he suggested i get a structural engineer due to the rather large new crack in the kitchen ceiling which he said was not water damage more stress related.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated I just spent alot of money on a foundation and lift to put this house back together. We purchased a house one level last year. Now we are noticing the middle ceilings that had been taped over are cracking. In the living room guest bedroom and master bedroom.

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Additionally the wall outside the Family room starting to bulge out. Aside from drainage problems we had last month and is now fixed. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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My husband and I just bought a historical home built in , it has a beautiful stairwell going to a mid point with a bathroom then right up 5 more stairs to upstairs bedrooms. I noticed a crack in the wall extending from upstairs guest room running horizontally along stair well. The previous owners took down all of the original wallpaper and the walls are made from extremely hard spackle.

This crack bulges out and I think it is just the spackle. We had the home inspected before we bought it for any structural issues and they did not find any.

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Any advise on fixing this crack?? I need to have my walls inspected because of cracks. Could it be causing structural problems. Some crack fillers like the spray injection product Good-Bye Cracks elastic crack "cover" product shown in our photo are not suitable for concrete. The manufacturer says this product can be used to fill cracks in plaster, drywall, and wood and that it dries to a flexible, paintable finish. Carson Dunlop Associates ' sketch shows three common methods used to seal cracks in masonry walls in an effort to stop foundation leaks.

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These notes are based on epoxy product application information available from Lone Star Epoxies. Polyurea joint filler products for concrete control joints have received attention for filling concrete control joints and is increasingly used in that application since this material is resistant to moisture, has high adhesion properties when used with concrete, and will cure in very cold weather. Polyurea sealant products are also reported to be useful in sealing control joints in "green" concrete which has not yet had its full 28 day period of initial curing. Also in our experience, because the injected polyurethane foam expands after it is injected into a crack, you may find it easier to fill the crack through the building floor slab or wall than when using alternative repair methods such as epoxy or masonry repair kits.

Carson Dunlop Associates ' sketch left illustrates foundation wall crack repair using epoxy or polyurethane injection. Epoxy grouts are available which can be mixed and troweled into a concrete crack or joint. These products are less flexible than the control joint fillers described above.