Campingplatz Verzeichnis UNGARN (130+ Campingplätze mit GPS Daten) (German Edition)

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Sheng-e 0. Honda Lead HF05 Mototech. Viper Storm, Fada FD Stels, Keeway. Yamaha Axis MSU. Yamaha Mint Sheng-e. Honda Lead JF06 Sheng-e.

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After a long truck ride we realized that we were not only recovering and restoring World War Two memorabilia, but also going to the ends of the earth to do it. Hence - this is our Quest. Why we Quest? The Second World War lasted for over 6 years. For the United States, we were completely unprepared.

Civilian companies quickly transformed into the American war machine. Small companies like Maytag, the washing machine company, made gun turrets for heavy bombers; Rock-Ola, a pin ball machine company, made rifles; Goodyear, the tire company, made fighter aircraft; Cadillac, the automobile company, made tank destroyers Farmboys, teachers, business men, barbers - men and women alike gave up their everyday jobs to put on a uniform, to fight for their country.

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They went to far-off lands, some unmapped - to fight and die. There was rationing and recycling. All gave some, and some gave all. Valor was a common virtue. And that is where we find ourselves, the children of a culture, responsible for the history of the sacrifice they made for us. Our goal: Our goal is the preservation of World War Two history. In the not too distant future, the breaths of those who were there making the history will no longer be able to tell the story.

History is normally written by the victor, but this was a World War. It affected every country and every person, Allied and Axis. So, our focus is just that, to preserve the story, from both sides. It is our responsibility to tell their story. This box is the early war style with metal end handles and painted ordnance tan.

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The partially obscured marking are "2cm Patr Tr. This ammunition box was specifically packed for use in tropical climates. Ammunition box label for 2cm Armor Piercing Panzergranat Ammunition Patronen with Red rot self destroying red Z Tracer L''spur , in steel shell casings blue vertical stripe left photo. Ammunition box label for 2cm High Explosive Sprenggranat Ammunition Patronen with Red rot Tracer L''spur , in steel shell casings blue vertical stripe , right photo.

Note very late production date. Ammunition box label for 2cm Incendiary Br.

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Heeres-Munition Army Ammunition , right photo. Equipment and ammunition was procured independently via separate contracts within the German Wehrmacht or Armed Forces during World War Two. Equipment and ammunition was specifically marked for the branch of service that it was ordered.

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The U. The history of this aircraft is unknown. The aircraft is seen recovered from Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Hawaii in an overall olive green paint scheme with grey undersides. It is interesting to note that two U. This is the starboard side of the nose section. The history of this aircraft is uknown. The photo depicts the forward starboard section of a B Liberator painted in olive drab with the number stenciled in yellow below the navigators window. This section of the B has been recovered for the QuestMasters Museum for preservation.

Any further information on this aircraft would be greatly appreciated. Built in March , "" crashed on May 5th, due to an on-board fuel problem. All ten crew members were killed on impact having never seen a day of combat. Upon impact, "" burst into flames nearly destroying the entire aircraft. Today only "''s" right and left wing with wheels, four engines, tail turret, and many small parts remain on the impact site.

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The Nose section, from the cockpit forward, and the Martin upper turret have been recovered for restoration in the QuestMasters Museum. Very little is known of the history of this B Only part of the tail was found, as seen in this photo.

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No fire damage was found on the remains at the crash site. This was an early BJ as noted by the olive-green paint that remained on the vertical stabilizer. Later B Liberators were unpainted to save both materials and total aircraft weight approximately pounds. The serial number was found to be partly obscured, so the last digit is represented by an "X".

The only unit markings found on the aircraft were four horizontal lines on the vertical stabilizer. Due to extensive corrosion only the serial number section was recovered for preservation at the QuestMasters Museum. This aircraft crashed March during a routine coastal patrol of the Hawaiian coast. Three of her eight man crew died in the crash. Official Army Air Force reports concluded that the aircraft was on final approach when fuel ran out and the pilot ditched the aircraft in a sugar cane field.

The aircraft remains today in a very sorry state. The aircraft was stripped in the late ''s for aluminum scrap, but many pieces remain on the crash site. Due to the lack of fuel on-board the aircraft, very little fire damage to the aircraft is present. The aircraft was painted in an overall olive drab paint scheme with "early" wartime U. Several small pieces were recovered for the QuestMasters Museum including the port wing star seen in photo , an E-6B flight computer, several gun chutes, a mess kit, a match container, multiple.

The aircraft was recovered by QuestMasters and is seen prior to disassembly for shipment.

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Navy Ensign "ground-looped" the ill-fated plane his third and yes final crash. The Ensign was unhurt but the aircraft was struck from inventory due to extreme damage. Kimble, 2nd Lt. William E. Somsel Jr.