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As Ari Fleischer put it:. And there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed [sic] to school every day.

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And that little girl was me. So I will tell you that on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly. I was a part of the second class to integrate Berkeley, California, public schools almost two decades after Brown v.

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Board of Education. Go ahead, Kamala, you brave truth teller, you survivor of segregated Berkeley discrimination. Go ahead and tell people that your plan will end segregation as the government sorts populations based on race, just like the Civil Rights Act of planned all along.

But best of all, go tell Asians all about your great plans. As immigrants who think of themselves only as Chinese, the opponents looked at an American and saw only a hated enemy from Japan. They won, too. Go grab some popcorn, I say. I hope Andrew Ujifusa or one of the other Edweek reporters will run with this opportunity hound Harris relentlessly with:. In the debate, you strongly supported busing. Are you planning on ending charter schools so you can more easily enforce busing mandates?

Will you appoint judges who will overrule the ban on inter-district busing? She would have to choose.

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She could walk back her insistence that the federal government must intervene to enforce school integration. Then hound every other Dem candidate and force them to fight that battle for her. Harris will be oh so very popular. I like it fine. I just live in a reality-based world most of the time. Interesting post. I am white. I grew up in the nice part of Berkeley from infancy and attended public schools all the way through 12th grade.

In this sense, the surface image of racial integration was something of farce. Had she attended a mostly black school in the flats at the age of 7 rather than a mostly white school in the hills, I doubt it would have made a difference in her educational trajectory. She must think that being around a lot of black kids, even for just a few years, makes a person stupid. Jackie Goldberg won, becoming a swing vote. She is a good person, smart and very experienced, by far the most qualified candidate. She is anti-charter and led the mandatory busing policy of the late 70s.

Meanwhile, the Plyler decision , and Asian and Hispanic immigration further transformed the student population in the L. Best wishes for Presidential candidate De Blasio and his running mate from electoral-vote-rich California, Vice Presidential candidate Carranza. They can run on their records for sacrificing merit-based academic excellence for playground Social Justice. Andrew Ujifusa.

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I would assume that Republican pundits believe that Biden has a better chance to beat Trump than Harris does. I get that. So in October of 69 she would have turned 5, meaning in September she was 4 and would not have been eligible to start school in that year…right? You want my honest opinion, which I hope is wrong? The conservative elites want to loudly and ineffectually fight this to rile the base, then lose so they can destroy public education.

So cheering for the larger threat taking damage makes sense. You can also get a gotcha now by owning her, and everyone will forget it later, or you can wait and use it to get votes from the scared parents later. Not all Republican pundits: Mike Huckabee pointed out that she was ignoring the historical context, that many people of the time of all races who strongly opposed segregation also opposed forced busing.

She was born in …long after bussing would have affected her life. I was born in Torrance Ca 10 years before she was born maybe if she said a much older sibling was bussed during that riotous time would have been more believable. In the 70s kids of all color were bussed freely.

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Fact is bussing was aimed more toward Hispanic s at thst time frame. Was she, in fact, in the second class of an integrated school? Is the lie that it was always a black and white community? She was, in fact, the second class of an integrated school. She also neglects to mention that Berkeley voluntarily integrated. There was no court order.

Progressives moved into the area to be part of integrated schools. I confess absolutely unsheepishly to having no idea what she was trying to say with that tweet. But in any case I think she has very little worthwhile to say generally. Harris lied, for one […]. She became AG because she got on her knees.

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Kamela is as unlikeable as Hillary Clinton, she is however as good a liar. Highest calling to lowest. Working with animals is much more fulfilling than working with politicians.

There was only one high school in Berkeley so it was always integrated. I engaged in an overnight internal dialogue that included visuals of African American West Point cadets at the Army Navy game. They remind me of me, a little girl, in Jamaica, Queens, daughter of immigrants. Except we excelled academically given all opportunities and race was never really the obstacle. In spite of my conservative core values, I am guilty of utilizing race bait tactics rather than fully incorporating the marvels of ethics and individual accountability as an mantra.

Senator Harris went to Howard University as a Canadian high school student and daughter of an Indian woman. She pledged a historically African American sorority Alpha that beats and hazes female pledges. Only light skinned women are invited to pledge.