How to Create an Income from Home with a Successful and Profitable Etsy Shop

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Figure out the cost to make each item. Then calculate the cost of making a single item.

How To Build a Successful Etsy Shop and Make Money From Home - Arts and Budgets

Research the competition. Scope out prices for similar items on Etsy.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling On Etsy?

Evaluate the numbers. Learn more about making money selling stuff online here. Remember that images sell, even with digital products, so take time to use good lighting and take quality pictures. You can also create mockups using templates like those offered at IvoryMix. You need to be profitable, so to arrive at your price remember to include your materials, your time, and the fees you need to pay Etsy for listing and selling.

Then give yourself some markup. Otherwise, you are just breaking even and not turning a profit.

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Your time should cost something! If you do need to lower your prices, though, you need to find a way to cut your expenses by changing suppliers or buying in bulk. Setting up your shop is pretty intuitive, but if you run into trouble you can check out the Etsy help section. Then create an account with your email address. You must fill out some basic information about your shop, including your language, currency, and shop name. Before you start sending people to your shop, complete your profile. You want to tell a bit of your story in the About section, to help potential buyers learn about you and your products.

Weave some personal information in there, to help connect with your buyers. Adding a personal photo to your account instead of just a logo or product images can help build a connection as well. Make sure you use strong keywords and plenty of details. Create item descriptions that make people want to buy, and answer the questions buyers will have.

Pick the one that best represents your product to be your featured image. Fill out the pricing information and delivery details. Add several relevant tags with keywords to help shoppers find your products. Finally, take time to create policies for delivery, returns, exchanges, and how products will be delivered. You want everything clearly spelled out, so your buyer knows what to expect.

Your policies should prevent there from being any surprises about the transaction for your customers. Once your listings are up, you can start marketing your product. It rarely works out like that.

You must tell people about your product. It takes continuous work to market your Etsy store.

Top Ways to Make Money on Etsy

Create social accounts for your Etsy store, and start building an audience. Get creative! Your audience wants to know about you, your products, and your brand. Show your products being used. Take pictures of the behind the scenes process.


Share the process from start to finish with a time lapse video. Share information in a non-pushy way. Focus on building relationships. Make sure you respond to comments and are genuine in your interactions.

Good reviews help improve sales. This is called social proof. To get reviews, make sure you provide excellent customer support. Use proper grammar and be professional and courteous in your interactions. Make products that match your descriptions and deliver them on time. Then, follow up with your customers. Send an email making sure everything is satisfactory. In your note, go ahead and ask for a review.

10 Things you MUST Do to Have a Successful Online Craft Business

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2. Register, create and stock your shop

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