Lets Impeach the President

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We may not get a conviction, but we can make him campaign for reelection with the impeachment millstone around his neck.

How would the Senate achieve the two-thirds vote to accomplish that? With the election only 15 months away, one can only wonder why House Democrats would waste such precious time on a lost cause.

Let's Impeach The President | Neil Young - LETRAS

Have House Democrats forgotten that the only two American presidents ever impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, were both acquitted by the Senate? In continuing with the impeachment nonsense, Congress is not only going against history, but most importantly, it is irresponsibly racing the clock. I got a big, but sad, chuckle seeing that Goldberg ignored the true panderers in American politics: the GOP, which has cast a blind eye to every atrocity committed by this president. This has led to a vast collection of racists, bigots, theocrats and other misfits who found in Trump someone just like themselves and who will therefore never abandon their loyalty to this president.

Which Republican can say no to those people without committing political suicide? To the editor: While the overwhelming majority of radical Democrats both in the House and in the Senate favor impeachment, they have failed to look at the long-term consequences. Plugin W.

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Are you sure you want to delete this playlist? Cancel Delete. Are you sure you want to exit without saving your changes? Just this weekend, he alleged that under Democrats' beliefs, a newborn baby is swaddled "beautifully and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby. Supreme Court," which does not decide impeachment.

John Stoehr: Let’s Impeach the President

As Trump pushes the bounds of legality to ever greater elasticity, and his lawyers to ever-greater creativity, Fox News's Andrew Napolitano, previously a stalwart Trump defender, now says the Mueller report exposed "unlawful, defenseless and condemnable" actions by Trump. Trump now labels Napolitano's previously great legal thinking "very dumb. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Monday that measles cases hit an outstanding year high.

Trump, who had previously spread fears that vaccines cause autism, has presided over the loss of health insurance by 7 million people — one of the greatest drop-offs in U. This follows the recent report that the U. Article X: Donald John Trump has been a great president for illegal immigration.

Let's Impeach the President

Customs and Border Protection reported that last month's apprehensions along the southern border hit a great, year high. While leading this great assault on presidential norms, he has also presided over the greatest increases in federal debt during a peacetime expansion, the greatest turnover of presidential staff and the greatest rises in sea levels. Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by being such a great president, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.