Migration vers Windows 8.1 (French Edition)

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Migration vers Windows : retour d'expérience chez Microsoft IT

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Design and Configuration Software Configure. Connected Components Workbench Software Overview. Connected Components. Connected Components Workbench Software Highlights. Case No: CHN Deep Freeze is not vulnerable, it only flagged it as such. Case No: UDB Case No: UBV Case No: OAR Case No: XSG Case No: HYA This happened due to racing conditions when user session starts up.

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Must close network connection to resolve. Case No: UIY Case No: BYM Case No: IDJ Case No: JUS Case No: QBB Case No: TKU Case No: BOL Case No: ZPM Case No: JWV Case No: RJI Case No: YUY Case No: KGQ Case No: SGB Case No: HLF Case No: DLI Case No: JUQ Case No: NAM Case No: KCF Case No: YVJ Case No: KVE Case No: WCQ Case No: WGO Case No: MOR Case No: VUT Case No: TVA Case No: VPT Case No: BXA Case No: BGO Case No: YOC Case No: DOU Case No: GAH Case No: FYH Case No: YLD Case No: XBU Case No: OEJ Case No: MQD Case No: VTY Case No: JVU Case No: XBI Case No: ZIH This issue was introduced in v7.

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Do not backup when workstation is Frozen. Case No: IXY See KB for more detail. Case No: YBK This is a beta version of Deep Freeze to conduct usability testing and refine features to be widely available in v7. Case No: TTR FB Resolved an issue where workstations were not updating status in Faronics Core. Case No: FFM Case No: CQH FB Resolved an issue where status was not accurate for some period of time for workstations managed by Deep Freeze Loadin. Case No: IIA TT Resolved an issue where Faronics Core sometimes did not display the Deep Freeze workstation status after install.

Case No: PDG Case No: IDU FB Resolved an issue where after installing the Deep Freeze Seed, workstations were displayed only in Seed child node but not in Deep Freeze parent node. FB Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Loadin does not remove temporary installation files on the console computer.

FB Resolved an issue where the incorrect string is displayed on Loadin setup interrupted dialog.

Mettre à jour Windows 8.1 vers Windows 10

TT Resolved an issue where all Deep Freeze actions show inaccurate failure reason in Task History while running workstations where Deep Freeze was uninstalled. Case: Case Only after the push install is successful, the installer starts and the install process is launched. This is a beta version of Deep Freeze intended to test compatibility with Windows 7. It has undergone a QA cycle. As with any beta product, this version should only be used if you have backed up all important data and are prepared to re-image client computers if something goes wrong.

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  • Faronics Labs. Contact Us. Library The Faronics Content Library contains user guides, white papers, brochures, video tutorials, and downloadable files. Right-click on the Scheduled Task to pause or resume. Install All Windows Updates In addition to Security, Critical, and Feature updates, choose to install all types of updates when downloading Windows updates from Microsoft vs.

    The file will be automatically downloaded from the specified location and launched on the workstation. Example: determine if Deep Freeze was Thawed from the console, locally on the client, or via Command-Line. Set Default Location for Installers Enterprise Console can now remember where you prefer to save newly created workstation installers and configuration files. Set the default location while saving the file to your desired location.

    Fixes Resolved an issue where the user was able to boot into Advanced Boot Options from Frozen state. Case No: OKY Workstations showing offline status in the console after partially upgrading in some circumstances. KOX Temp files get generated and fill up the drive.

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    MJADF First-time installation of Cloud Agent completes but does not show as installed in the console or assigns the policy. The caching letter will be hidden in Windows Explorer. Windows Feature Update Support Now the Windows Update Task supports the installation of Feature Updates so customers can easily upgrade from build to for example. Deep Freeze will respect the Windows Update advanced options that can defer such updates.

    Recovery Improvements Improvements in Deep Freeze maintenance recovery process when Windows updates are not marked properly, reducing the number and duration of Thawed restarts necessary to return the computer to a Frozen State.

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    • Fixes Resolved an issue where the system became unbootable after installing Deep Freeze workstation on computers with NVMe drives using Advanced Format 4K technology. Case No: MEQ Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation booted into Recovery Screen due to some system settings being reverted by third-party software or after upgrading Windows. Case No: NPW, BMB Resolved an issue where workstation task unexpectedly quits when the task notification message is too long. JBQ Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Enterprise workstation showed Cloud Connector expired message after installing it on the machine where Deep Freeze Cloud was previously installed.

      OUG Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation was showing the message of activation grace period expiry on already activated machine. FXX Resolved an issue where scheduled end time for workstation tasks may show incorrectly in the Configuration Administrator. GNB Resolved an issue where set clone flag command is displaying incorrect status of Deep Freeze. Case No: TLI Resolved an issue where, switching between multiple ports in Enterprise Console while workstations are reporting in, the workstations continuing to report to the wrong port after changing the active port.

      Case No: EPS Resolved an issue where configuring custom security settings resulted in the workstation losing activation. Case No: HXA Resolved an issue where an incorrect warning message was shown when trying to install lower version of Deep Freeze Console.

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      Thawed Alerts You can now specify the length of time after which a Thawed workstation turns red. Client Update and More Scheduler Tasks Administrators can now schedule to upgrade Deep Freeze clients whenever a new version is available. Requires compatible hardware to wakeup from Standby. Idle Task Enhancement Deep Freeze now has the ability to Shutdown an idle computer without waiting for the first keyboard and mouse activity — otherwise, the computer may remain on all day.

      First keyboard and mouse activity is necessary for Idle Time Restart to prevent the computer from constantly being rebooted without activity. Just specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface.