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Upload crime against I. I'm mental inside! Defend the atomic bomb, hands together, we pay. We're fed on global pain, We crawl, we fall, destroy it all, Cutting each others veins.

You run against yourself! Raising cold.

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Numb, I'm now. Where to see, where to run now?

No more lies! Real life, it boils inside the brain. In other times you'd cry, Life is cruel, an excuse avoiding fight. Wash over your mind, and then upload! It's day, good night! Don't pretend you are looking for the real path of life maybe this can be a time to rest. Proving on you hold control, Proving as, you were the slide to show, You run against it all.

You run against yourself, You run against, You run against yourself. You always showed me how to live, Always showed me how to live.

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Go on and take this pain of mine, I promise I will end this and die. You've always showed me how to live, Still show me how to live.

Eyes closed to see, What lies inside of me, Easily, you're going to find in me, you. A thousand miles from you, endless way home, I navigate on seas unknown. Leave me so I can move on, Build strength on my own.

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Another time brand new for me. Starts, a movie in slow motion, Frame loosing colors, Drying the oceans. All there is, is a gray dark cloud, Rising a shield facing my sun. But I won't take cover, I look over my shoulder, Miles from you. Tonight, up to me, Turn around, Down, where feather I found.

Open Heart/Quiet Mind Flow - Vinyasa Flow | Yogis Anonymous

Soaked, invaded. And I In light Can day come better? Don't doubt. Can a day turn the love in a dumb diary? Tuned note forms a life. You know alone its changing Like borders underground. Where end? I, go, where, no way. Nowhere land around, I flow from time.

Wall, tearing. Now I'm rowing, rowing, Foreign world, one way blind, now. Time, to go, Whole way. To all eternal I row. To wave it all behind. Golden reign yet to know. Loud I heard: "Where's days light? Rewrite it and survive that alone. Fool, we're wasting the time, we are so blind. Knowing alone where to flow. Tide up your realm.

So dive Tired and awake. Well, that ain't all around you. Come away, I'm not afraid. Alive, afraid of all the way, Long run, I lay alone, I pay alone my try. A guide around here, Where there are no tear. Can it unbar doors? Rider on the field Cause winter, Familiar matter, for the dirty lives. On a real and dark reverse, rim comes again. Chair Designer [Pensado - ] Ready to defy, Fast and sharp, long cruise. Running mind inside, Nothing to confuse you. Source never dries, Overloading you, Takes one to decide, Where to be, What to choose.

Right in front of me my new home, Rid of all guilt and stress, Get to know the ones you look through, Absorb what's left in you. Cruel this world, skins of time. The man I am dives inner side, Under disguise.

Blameless Understood without direction where to look, wait I'm trying hard Alone in my deep thoughts Another life hood, Vacancy knowledge, Riding on him, It can't let go. And often times he tried in vain to speak, Compels an angry soul.

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A little hum, You can't notice, Cries your heart, Open up and comprehend. Comes climbing from within, Collides into your real life. Suit yourself, It's far from stop. Dreamers surround them both, Oh! Start the game, go!

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Doom, Stands right there, The sins I repeat. Seems about time. That isn't right, They didn't lock me down! Time, mine, Where could it hide the dice? It's written in their guideline: "Nothing can be wrong", Can't be wrong, can't be wrong. Bye, Farewell. Release the ghosts from his mind. High-Grade, Solitude without end. Lord, How many lost's here? Lifting dreams, Shining hope.

All doors are now degraded, Who dares to live a life? Later on, lady Life, Related all those days. Then I drop things from long time, Exposed myself out. Working on what's real in life. Believe in me again. Look in her eyes Worth attention, Through worst times A thousand miles away Don't be scared it's just life Ride with me, Until we reach the stars. In two hearts I belong, allow to come. Then one day we're all replacement, Of those who left this land.