Rediscovering A Pearl Of Great Price: The Surprising Sacrament of Matrimony

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You can find more about Christy at www. We talk with Becky Murdoch, who shares the ins and outs of growing up in purity culture. Faced with the end of her marriage, filmmaker Erin Dooley walked across Spain in order to be able to fully forgive her ex-husband. You can connect with […]…. We talk with young priest Fr. Tim Grumbach about sexuality and the need for intimacy within celibacy. Merry Christmas from Fishers of Men!

To help you celebrate, please enjoy this conversation about vocation from last Christmas with Kateri Lirio and Jessica Gerhardt, along with some beautiful Christmas tunes. We talk to Rick Bickerstaff and Gaylan Adair about their decisions to stay at home, educational choices, and even the difficulty of being the […]…. We talk with Sonja Corbitt, the Bible Study Evangelista, about father wounds, the damage they can cause, and how to heal them.

Mary Ashley commemorates both Halloween and the th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by doing something truly scary: sharing her VERY personal story.

Why Jesus Loves Marriage

Mary Ashley talks with blogger Sarah Margaret Babbs about mother wounds, and how they can affect our faith. You can find her writing at Fumbling Toward Grace. Professor and theologian Kevin Johnson explains how mystical theology can help us with dating and relationships. You can find his website here: kevinmichaeljohnson. We talk with writer Marlena Graves about how to avoid making the wrong choice when it comes to marrying a Christian.

Rediscovering a pearl of great price

Jason Charron about Eastern wisdom on marriage and the advantages and disadvantages of a married priesthood. We talk with writer and professor Rebecca Bratten Weiss about the oft-misunderstood virtue of modesty and what it means for us today. Psychotherapist and theologian Cissy Brady-Rogers speaks with us about shame and how it affects the culture around us, especially in the context of human sexuality. As spiritual beings, how do we reconcile our sexuality within the teachings of the Bible?

The Early Christian Church

How do we overcome shame? We talk with podcast listeners Susie and Pat about their experiences going through divorces and getting back on the dating scene after Online dating can be a grind, and, occasionally, a nightmare, but sometimes it turns out to be worth it. Rawni and Ben Moulton talk about how they met online, how they dated, and what led to their decision to get married.

You can find out more about Danielle and her work at the following links: www. Why do they happen? How can you do them in a healthy way? In this mini-episode, we hear from Erika Vodvarka and Brian Henk about their two-minute speed date and how that led to their 5-year relationship. We talk with Dr. Julie Hanlon Rubio about her book Hope For Common Ground, and how to maintain and nurture relationships with people on the other side of the political spectrum. We talk with Jesse-Lee Yarborough about a recently ended dating fast, emotional healing, and whether or not God can make the best sandwich.

We talk with theologian David Cloutier about technology and its impact on modern dating and relationships. We talk to podcaster extraordinaire Cameron Fradd about starting her podcast Among the Lilies, and the importance of keeping it real. Mary Ashley sits down with her friend Alba Lopez over some mead to give two different perspectives on singlehood and the lessons God is teaching them through it. What does it mean to form good men in the Church today? We also have […]….

We talk with screenwriter Jennifer Dornbush about her journey with infertility…the struggles, the unexpected, and what NOT to say.

Did you get it?

Romans Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. The document Jennifer refers to, Humanae Vitae, can be found here. Mary Ashley and Lara talk with therapist Carla Rosckes Maldonado to get the low down on Narcissism and attempt to understand people that they may or may not know in real life.

Mary Ashley hosts a friendly debate between Tommy Shultz of Novo Ministries and Seph Beal, a self-described expert on the porn industry.

You can find Tommy at www. Mary Beth Bonacci, speaker, author and advice columnist for Catholic Match, stops by to give advice on online dating and even do a little commiserating with Mary Ashley. Renowned author and speaker Matt Fradd lays down some truth about porn and human identity in a delightful way. Happy New Year from Fishers of Men! To kick off the new year, we thought it might be nice to talk to a new believer so that we could get a little refreshment.

Megan talks about how becoming […]. To hear the songs in their entirety and donate to Share a Meal, please visit www.

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We talk with actor and writer Jacquelyn Zook about the pain of an unexpected divorce and the healing that allowed her to find love again. NOTE: Due to weird unexplained technical difficulties, and because the devil is apparently very busy, this is a re-upload. In this episode we welcome divorce recovery expert Lisa Duffy to talk about what we in the Church can do to help prevent divorce and minister to divorced people, as well as what those going through a divorce can to do cope.

Lisa is the author of Divorced. Now What? La escuela. In any and every circumstance,. Let no one miss out on the blessing of God, and no one be excluded from the. Lesson Objective: To improve listening skills by listening to one of the songs from the World Cup album. Lesson Outcomes: Invented strategies for listening. Quiero ir A. Le gusta ir B. South LA S.

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Racism in the Mormon Church

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