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See Comments. Abstract Brain death has been accepted as a legal definition of death in most countries, but practices for determining brain death vary widely.

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Practice Current: When do you order ancillary tests to determine brain death?

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Related Articles No related articles found. Topics Discussed Brain death Practice Current. These technologies offer the opportunity to enhance both research and patient care in acute diagnostic neurology. Together these factors will likely drive important innovations in care delivery for patients presenting common, acute neurologic symptoms where diagnostic approaches are paramount.

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Critical to this process will be development and dissemination of clinical decision tools e. Ideally these decision tools will guide clinical decisions related to advanced diagnostic test use e. Respected champions within the discipline have the greatest potential to transform culture. Engaging champions from both disciplines is likely to facilitate optimal communication. Likewise, it will be important to assess neurology perspectives on EM deficits and their own.

By systematically identifying gaps, it will be possible to focus educational and quality improvement initiatives. Specific gaps might be addressed by the application of dedicated programs such as certification in use of specialized examination techniques e. They might even include a concentration on one or more specific symptoms or diseases. By emphasizing the importance of efficient, accurate diagnosis in the new financial health care landscape, advocates may impress upon leaders the need for resources to support innovation in clinical practice and education.

They should leverage access to existing infrastructure where possible, such as clinical trials networks e. They should write systematic reviews of bedside diagnosis for key acute diagnostic neurology topics e. Acute diagnostic neurology is an important subspecialty within the field of neurologic emergencies. It deserves special attention because it is underserved in clinical care, education, and research. Millions of patients each year present to U. EDs with common neurologic symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, headaches, and back pain.

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Billions of dollars are spent annually on care for these patients, much of it focused on intensive diagnostic pursuit of uncommon, yet dangerous neurologic causes. More effective partnerships between EM and neurology departments could help facilitate future advances in clinical care, education, and research for acute diagnostic neurology.

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Academic Emergency Medicine Volume 22, Issue 3.

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Ethical dilemmas across neurologic diseases

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